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Can We Use Content for Good?

In the world of content marketing and communications, we talk a lot about creating good content. But what does that mean? Good, of course, has two meanings. One is “high quality.” But the other kind of good is “morally right.” Virtuous. Just. Helping to make the world better, more human-centered, more inclusive and fair.

As an industry, it feels like we spend a lot of time talking about that first good and not a lot of time talking about the second kind.

If you Google “good content marketing,” you’ll get thousands of results focused on the first kind of good — articles about tips for SEO or how to write keyword-rich titles. None of these articles talk about that second kind of good.

But at For Good Content, we are obsessed with that second kind of good. How can we use content to change the world for good? How can we help nonprofits and companies that are doing good work in the world amplify their voice so that they can spread the word about the work they are doing?

Content is a powerful tool. We consume huge amounts of it — blogs, articles, videos, social media, emails — every day. And we trust that content. People overwhelmingly prefer to learn about a company through articles or other forms of content rather than advertisements, and an overwhelming majority of people consider content as a trustworthy way to evaluate a company or nonprofit.

In fact, we are conditioned to be suspicious of advertising and we find in-your-face advertising annoying and off-putting. That’s why traditional forms of marketing aren’t the best fit for nonprofits. Using content and digital marketing approaches to share the good work you’re doing with people who would support your cause is a more effective way to garner donors and supporters.

Telling your story effectively can help you harness the power of content to change the world for good.

We want to part of that. We want to help you use content for good.

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