Ginny Engholm


Who I am.

Ginny Engholm grew up in rural Mississippi and Alabama but calls Baton Rouge home now. And she loves story. Of any type. She’s a proud book nerd, a committed film freak, and a rabid TV junkie. And while she loves all genres, her favorite stories often exist somewhere in the realm of fantasy, horror, and sci-f and almost always feature complex, flawed, charismatic female leads.

Ginny thought for many years this meant she was destined to be an English professor forever. But after earning her Ph.D. in nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature (with a focus on gender and women’s studies and health narratives) and being an English professor for fifteen years, she found herself wanting to harness the power of stories for good. 

So Ginny made a career change to content marketing, where she’s been rewarded with meaningful, intellectual work in telling the stories of nonprofits and other people doing good in the world. After two years at a marketing agency and seeing the challenges nonprofits and other mission-oriented companies faced firsthand, she decided to launch For Good Content to help people harness the power of content for good.

But all this storytelling still hasn’t sated her own insatiable consumption of stories, which she is probably doing right now.

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